Learn how to communicate with your dog through individual instruction in the home environment.


What we do

Mountain High Dog Training specializes in private, in-home obedience lessons. My in-home training programs provide you, your family and your dog individual instruction in the home environment. Through my programs you will learn how to communicate with your dog, allowing you to have a healthy and enjoyable relationship based on trust, understanding, and good behavior. Together we will personalize your training objectives. Whether you are looking for puppy instruction, basic obedience or have a specific behavioral issue. Every dog has the power to reach new heights. Will yours? It's up to you.


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“We started training with Melissa when our dog, Oso, was 8 months old. We had gone to a basic obedience group class, but Oso was distracted by the other dogs. When Melissa came to our house the focus was only on Oso. Melissa taught us how to train our dog. Steve and I were using different words for the same command and had different styles of disciplining Oso. Once we got on the same page our dog’s behavior improved immensely. Melissa is easy to work with. She is relaxed and casual, but a true professional. It is obvious she loves her job. Since working with Melissa, Oso has become a very well behaved dog and he knows all kinds of tricks. Oso is 2 years old now and gets so excited when Melissa comes over. We look forward to continuing our training with Melissa as Oso matures into one of the smartest dogs we know!”
Alida and Steve Wilson
Monroe, WA

“Melissa goes so far above and beyond her role as a dog trainer, it’s hard to remember what it was like before her. Her endless and selfless support for our dogs has been an amazing experience and Lisa and I learn new things from her all the time. Our dogs are some of the happiest dogs alive thanks to Melissa!”

Rob and Lisa Beneson

“When I am deciding on a service, doctors, house cleaners, tutors, landscapers…I do my research and look for the “best.” Mountain High dog training came highly recommended, and after my first meeting with Melissa I knew I had found the best dog trainer for our new puppy, Zoey – actually for our family.

How did I know Melissa was the best? First, she is knowledgeable about dogs. Her responses to training issues are insightful and effective. Second, she is professional. She is on time, uses the training session time efficiently, and during each session she takes notes for you to keep and refer to after the session. While being knowledgeable and professional are important qualities, Melissa is also patient and caring. Melissa is a good listener. She is always patient with all my questions. In addition, she has guided our young son on how to train Zoey. Also, we were going through a family crisis when Zoey came home. Melissa went above and beyond the call of duty to help make the addition of a puppy during the crisis as smooth as possible.

Finally, let’s not forget Melissa’s love for dogs – and their love for her. There seems to be a kinship between them. When Melissa comes over no one else seems to exist for Zoey – she loves her aunt Melissa. Melissa takes a very personal interest in each dog and its family. Melissa has proven to be invaluable to us during our first year with Zoey, and I will continue to seek out her guidance as issues arise.”

Laura Delmon

“Working with Melissa has been fantastic! From the moment she entered our home and met my dogs, she was part of the family. She is so understanding with all of Bubba’s needs and never ignores our older dog. She is so patient with my 9 year old, teaching her tricks to help her handle a dog that outweighs her by at least 15 pounds! I have already referred her to a couple of friends. Thank you so much!!”

Suzanne, David, Amanda, Bubba and Cole

“Melissa was our angel!! One morning my son and I went on an expedition. It was finally the day that I was ready to get a new “family member”. I was looking for a loving companion who would need me as much as I needed her, We arrived at Homeward Bound Shelter in Woodinville and were looking at all of the many dogs without homes. I was in need of a dog that was willing to live in a townhouse in the city and be content with only two walks a day. To make a long story short, I described my need and the staff said to wait a minute while they ran to the back to show us Sadie! She immediately rolled over on her back and wanted a tummy rub. I was sprung! She was the one!

Sadie had been in the shelter for about 3 to 4 months. She had been to three separate homes and shuffled back to the shelter. This is where Melissa stepped in with her compassion for dogs and willingness to donate her time to make these awesome animals adoptable. Melissa gave Sadie obedience lessons, took her out on field trips to run and play, but the most touching of all she would sit in her kennel with Sadie and just BE THERE. My Sadie benefited from Melissa’s loving heart and keen dog training skills that made Sadie the best dog I could ever dream of having. She IS a big part of our family. She has bonded with every family member. My daughter calls her, ” Saderiffic”, and my son enjoys her love and companionship to no end!

Thank you Melissa!! I can’t tell you how many times we think about you and all of the mental thank you’s I have sent your way. Sadie is enjoying an exciting life now, because of the time and love you provided her when she needed it most. From the bottom of our hearts we send you those wet endless kisses from Sadie!

Thank you!”

Cyndi and Sadie